Hotaru’s Road (Deluxe edition)


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Nika Cantabile


Get your digital copy of Nika Cantabile’s debut album, “Hotaru’s Road” Deluxe edition now, for just $14.99!

Hotaru’s Road, is wonderfully produced, beautifully performed and perfectly paired with Cantabile’s illustrated story of elves, villains, romance and mystical landscapes.  It’s definitely a triumph and well-worth a listen. Your ears will thank you!  – Rob Watts”

by Rob Watts from Ocean View Press



So Order now, because as Rob Watts from Ocean View Press once said, “It’s definitely a triumph and your ears will thank you! “

Discover the first opus of the album series, with its twelve pieces, its illustrated scenes and characters in a fairytale sang by Nika’s five strings violin through her love duets sometimes duels with the guitar.

Nika’s music is a mix of instrumental pieces resting on a base of Fantasy Art-rock with Japanese, Roma and a touch of classical influences.

On her latest project, greatly inspired by the Mussorgsky – Ravel, ”Pictures From An Exhibition” concept, Nika also collaborates with the talented illustrator Candii Rabbit. Inspired from her music, and the different scenes and emotions portrayed in her fantasy world, the illustrations depicts the symbolism, reveries, and the poetry found into her fairytale.

About “Hotaru’s Road”

“Hotaru’s Road”, the first chapter in the album series and an introduction to the characters, events and mysteries that will be later unveiled. “Hotaru” means “Firefly” in Japanese, but in this case, it also refers to someone’s name… Without giving too much away of the tale’s secrets, let’s just say that Hotaru acts as a guide for the main characters, and becomes sort of a trigger for Seï to start on her journey…

About the album series

The World of Dreams is a place shaped by one’s imagination where one can escape reality, and none is crueler than that of Krandÿar, a dark mage who amuses himself by controlling the erring souls of dreamers.

After the loss of his father, Aïden is trapped within his dream’s illusions while Seï breaks free and travels the dreamscape.

Facing their inner darkness, truths and lies, they’ll learn about fate, freedom and love, as they fight for or against it while dark forces gathers in their worlds.

So click add to cart on the side, get yourself Nika Cantabile’s first art-rock album “HOTARU’S ROAD” and start your journey. You’ll have a unique experience, one that will let you evade and wander through the sceneries painted by her music.

“Nika Cantabile will give you intense moments with a single voice, music in its purest essence… – Mark Allender”

by Mark Allender from Bowed Radio

You will receive a digital download of “HOTARU’S ROAD” and an access to your Deluxe HD booklet and audio files immediately after placing your order.

This deluxe edition contains :

  • Illustrations from the 12 pieces scenes
  • Deluxe HD Booklet
  • High Quality Audio Files (Lossless)
  • MP3 Audio Files
Genre: Fantasy Art Rock // With Roma/Japanese /Celtic/Classical Twists
Released Date: Monday, August 07, 2017



01- Flower in the Wind / Nika Cantabile

02- Caged Bird / Nika Cantabile

03- Moonlight Glow / Nika Cantabile

04- Broken Bird’s Lament / Nika Cantabile

05- Yami ni chiru Galaxy / Nika Cantabile

06- Mirage aux quatre saisons / Nika Cantabile

07- Une fleur sous la neige / Nika Cantabile

08- Aki no kure no Fantasy / Nika Cantabile

09- Moonbow Cadenza / Nika Cantabile

10- Blue Flames / Nika Cantabile

11- Parfum d’Orion / Nika Cantabile

12- I am… Cantabile / Nika Cantabile


* Roma inspired music means g*psy inspired music