Moonlight Carnival (Original Edition)


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Nika Cantabile


Get Your Digital Copy of Nika Cantabile’s original version of the MOONLIGHT CARNIVAL EP, For Just $5.00!

“Cantabile creates a unique soundscape for listeners to venture through as she performs her violin in such a stellar way. Augmented with a backdrop of rock, classical and Japanese-influenced performance, Moonlight Carnival is simply a delight.”

by Rob Watts from Ocean View Press

So Order now, because as Rob Watts from Ocean View Press once said, “Moonlight Carnival is simply a delight”…



Discover the first opus of the “Hotaru no michi e” project, the original version of “Moonlight Carnival” now on sale.Inspired by the Mussorgsky – Ravel, ”Pictures From An Exhibition” concept, Nika is collaborating with talented painters such as Maya Sunn, and Tania Mignacca. Inspired from her music, and the different scenes and emotions portrayed in her fairytale world, their paintings depicts the symbolism, reveries, and poetry found into her work.So click add to cart on the side, get yourself Nika Cantabile’s latest EP, “MOONLIGHT CARNIVAL” and start your journey. You’ll have a unique experience, one that will let you evade and wander through the sceneries painted by her music.


Genre: Fantasy Art Rock // With Roma/Japanese /Celtic/Classical Twists
Released Date: Friday, June 13, 2014



01- Yami ni chiru Galaxy / Nika Cantabile

02- Moonlight Carnival / Nika Cantabile

03- Tempête de rêves / Nika Cantabile

04- Misty Falls / Nika Cantabile



*Roma inspired music means g*psy inspired music


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